On-Going Classes:


Visit to view numerous weekly classes in Petaluma, CA.

Thursdays @Innerstellar in Berkeley:

12:15-1:15pm - Pilates Mat

Rebecca also offers private Pilates Lessons on Thursdays at Innerstellar Yoga and Pilates.




Dance, Yoga and Pilates Privates, Semi-Privates & Professional Performance Coaching available

Privates are great if you would like some individual attention to work on a certain concept. For example, a student who might want to work on strength training for dance, certain advanced drills, cymbals, learning or creating choreography, or any other topic can greatly benefit from private lessons. Professional Coaching is available for professionals who are currently performing any genre of dance and would like a mentor to help them hone their skills in expression, precision, projection, business, aesthetics and more. This is for the more serious dancer looking to perfect her/his craft. All privates and semi-privates are created and modified specifically for each student.

$85/hour for individual privates

$50/hour for each student in a semi-private session (with 2 students)

$35/hour for each student in a semi-private session (with 3+ students)

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